Prof. Dr. Visvanathan Ramesh  

Professor Dr. Visvanathan Ramesh is currently the W3 professor for Software Engineering with emphasis on Bio-inspired Vision. His current focus is trans-disciplinary research on systems science and engineering for intelligence.

Prior to this, Professor Ramesh was at Siemens Corporate Research where he was a Global Technology Field Leader in the area of Real-time Vision & Industrial Imaging. He and his team have developed real-time vision systems for application in video surveillance and monitoring, augmented reality, computer vision software systems, statistical modeling techniques for computer vision algorithm design, analysis, and performance characterization. He has extensive experience in the design, analysis, implementation, and performance evaluation of real-time vision systems. Dr. Ramesh earned his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington where he defended his dissertation on “Performance Characterization of Image Understanding Algorithms”. He also was a co-author of an award winning paper on real-time tracking at the IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference, 2000.  He and his team received the Siemens Inventor of the Year award in 2008 for outstanding contributions in real-time vision and modelling.  He was also the recipient of the IEEE Longuet-Higgins Award in 2010 for foundational contributions in computer vision.

Link to Prof. Ramesh’s CV: CVRamesh052020

Members of Lab:

Dr. Michael Rammensee

Dipl-Inf. Tobias Weis

M.Sc. Martin Mundt

Dr. Iuliia Pliushch

Mr. Martin Klingebiel

Mr. Timm Hess

Ms. Sina Ditzel

Mr. Florian Allgoewer

Mr. Yves Neyraud

Mr. Cenk Kusku

Mr. Konrad Wartke

Mr. Dario Hess

Former members

Dr. Subbu Veeravasarapu

Dipl-Inf. Christian Becker

M.Tech Rudra Hota

Dr. Kishore Konda

Mr. Richard Adamca

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